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Sports fan Gabe here and I love to talk about sports, and specifically Michigan athletics. I would have to say my favorite thing to watch on television ever is the University of Michigan Football games and The Detroit Lions. Don’t get me wrong, I love Detroit Tiger’s Baseball as well, but for that I’d rather be in the stadium watching versus on a TV screen.

I have to say one of the most incredible moments of the year is when all of my friends and family gather to watching the wolverines and we tailgate from morning till the noon game and we grill out all day long taking a much needed leisure day off and having drinks and laughing our butts off with family and friends.

I have over 20 years of experience in creating the most wonderful tailgate events you have ever seen. I do it all from full grill with every type of meat you can imagine, whole pig roast, BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken & Turkey, Deep Fried Duck, You name it, I do it all.

And don’t you worry, I make the craziest screw drivers, and unlimited supply of keg beer on tap!

When my parent members want to party hard they call me and ask me what I’m doing in the weekend. I’m always the host for big family get together and events. I’m that type of guy.

And I will be writing about how to make your big game day this year spectacular. I know all the tips and tricks you can use to make your tailgates the baddest thing around and make all your friends jealous.

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