Let’s get the party started!!

Posted on 12 of June, 2015 by in party

There’s one thing I love about the summer rolling around and that is the BBQ!!! Now a while back I was neighbors with a Korean family and they would be BBQ’ing the most wonderful smelling teriyaki beef you could ever image. It was Korean traditional meat seasoned called Kalbi, and it was mouth watering and […]

Going out in Grand Rapids, Before the football season!

Once the football season starts we are either at the game tailgating or if its an away weekend, we are home all weekend gathered around with family watching the game. The point is it gets super busy to the point where we don’t have time anymore to go out and do other things like going […]

Summer Time is Around the Corner that means getting the grill back in the play

Posted on 24 of May, 2015 by in party

Everyone we’ve finally made it, we’re almost in June and in Michigan it sure did feel like a long winter indeed. People are finally able to go outside in T-Shirt and shorts and enjoy the sunshine once again.Although it was pretty cold few weeks back and last week I was in Florida and it was […]

Limousine for your tailgate to make it really official & luxurious

One of my friend taught me this idea and it will truly make a big difference in your tailgates. Let’s say you are trying to throw the biggest and baddest tailgate at U of M game and everyone is in town trying to celebrate including your extended as heck family members that you hardly ever […]

All about having a great time enjoying sports with family & friends

Different people place different value to sports. Don’t get me wrong I am passionate about my Michigan sports teams and I can tell you just as well as any other sports fanatic every single players first and last name on the U of M team and where they were scouted from and what their current […]