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Posted on 12 of June, 2015 by in party

There’s one thing I love about the summer rolling around and that is the BBQ!!!

Now a while back I was neighbors with a Korean family and they would be BBQ’ing the most wonderful smelling teriyaki beef you could ever image. It was Korean traditional meat seasoned called Kalbi, and it was mouth watering and quite incredible. When I first became serious about my craft of being an Grill Master, I had to learn the recipe of this incredible beef so I went to their home, got on my two knees, and begged the wife to teach me the ways!!

Yes I akin that experience to going to a Buddhist temple and becoming an apprentice of sorts and learning the ropes of how to become the legendary kung fu master!!!


I was well on my way below are some of the ingredients that go into making this incredible beef dish. So delicious and savery!

  • Soy Sauce
  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Sesame Oil
  • Roasted Red Pepper Flakes
  • and Good Beef

This is one of the best dishes you’ll ever find as far as I’m concerned and I’m a die hard american sausage kinda guy. But those asians know what they are doing when it comes to cooking I tell ya!

So this coming weekend, there will be a big basket ball game so we’re going to have a cook out and everyone is invited. I’m inviting all of my family and friends and it’s going to be a blast. Some of my friends like to get pretty rowdy so we are preparing ourselves with everything we can to make this event a killer one. One in the memory books!

Ok so things to prepare for this event

  • 2 Kegs of Beer
  • Few Wines & Liquor Bottles as Decorations…JK!!!
  • Big TV outside
  • Big Stereo
  • Dance Floor
  • Big Tables
  • and LOTS of FOOD

I’m inviting lots of friend from all different backgrounds from business owners, entrepreneurs to people that work the 9 to 5. We all sometimes need a break in life and time to relax. I for one am very much looking forward to meeting one of my good friends that run a towing business in Troy, MI.


Troy Towing http://www.troytowing.org/

(248) 817-4969

He runs  a successful business there with 5 star google reviews because he really is just an outstanding guy that truly cares for the people and wants to do everything just right for them, as he is bit of a perfectionist. He is all about customer service, I remember one day I was driving down i75 and my car broke down with a flat tire and did not have the right tools to replace it, so of course I called him and he was there to save me in less than 15 min which is incredible because he has multiple drivers on the road at any given time and is all about providing the fastest towing service in Oakland County.

So if you ever need towing in Oakland County anywhere near Troy, make sure to give him a call you won’t be disappointed.

Now we are getting very hyped about this BBQ this weekend, and its going to be a blast. We will have close to 60 people at our house, having a blast watching the game and enjoying great conversations. I am very much looking forward to the outcome of the game and most of all enjoying great BBQ food as I will be making american stuff and KOREAN BBQ!!


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