Going out in Grand Rapids, Before the football season!


Once the football season starts we are either at the game tailgating or if its an away weekend, we are home all weekend gathered around with family watching the game. The point is it gets super busy to the point where we don’t have time anymore to go out and do other things like going out in Grand Rapids which is one of my all time favorite places to visit.

When you live in Ann Arbor you are quite a bit far from Grand Rapids, which is almost a good solid 2.5 hour drive, but why do we still go there few times a year? Well one thing is that there are few restaurants we absolutely love there and Grand Rapids is home to Michigan’s most selection of breweries. We love visiting these breweries because not only do you get to taste the freshest beers but they also serve amazing food.

Grand Rapids has the best Breweries, its a town of class & fun

Last weekend, we made it out to Grand Rapids, we figure September will be here before we know it and we want to get to those breweries at least once this summer because once Football games start, I will be totally busy doing the best tailgates in Ann Arbor.

We got to GR and decided to get a hotel and limo service for the night as it was me and my wife’s anniversary.

We wanted to simply go a night out town to the bars and not worry about driving afterwards. I always go with my limousine guy because I know the owner personally and I think he has the best limo rentals in Grand Rapids.

Because he has the amazing Audi Q7 limo which I love, and that’s exactly the the ride we got for me and my wife’s romantic evening or you could call it drunk evening. We are in our 50’s but we still like to have fun and party.

Young People Bars as well as bars for older age groups! They all have lively music

This was my second time out at the bars in Grand Rapids, and its definitely a good mix of people some young people bars and some older people, we go to both places as we like to let loose sometimes on the dance floor. We also went to a bar with live jazz band which was very nice. Me and my wife had a fantastic time going to bar after bar the limo driver was taking us to, as I told the manager I’ll leave it up to them to take us to the hot spots around town.

He made very awesome choices first taking us to bit more lively place and then finishing us off at the jazz place where it was calm and relaxing vibe that allowed for very romantic moments. The whole rental only cost $500 for the 5 hours we were out, and I will pay that in a heart beat when you weight how much fun you are going to have in the limo and the fact that you can drink worry free.

The driver talked to us about big concerts coming up in July so we may definitely come back again as it was one of the best nights of the year yet.

50 is the new 20

Just because you are past 50 doesn’t mean you can’t go out and mingle with young ones and have a blast. We were talking to several people at the bar and clubs and joking with them and having fun.

This type of experience is great and allows us to live much more fulfilling fun lives.

Going out and drinking is not for everybody, but it certainly helps us to let lose every once in a while. The key I believe is always in moderation.

I’ll tell you what, we were pretty hung over the next day but we laughed about it because it was still worth it.

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