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If you want to find out more in depth details about how to make your sporting events one to remember reach out to me anytime.

Through the years, helping many family take their tailgates to the next level, I had to come up with a source list of all the suppliers and brands that I recommend with the best deals. I put together a list of all the exact equipment I use and I explain why. This list has been perfected with over 25 years of experience in handling and trying many different kinds of grills, and all the portable kitchen tools you can think of. From deep fryer to meat carver to sausage maker, I’ve tried nearly everything reputable in the market so I have very strict, high standards.

If you want this master list that is free of prejudice and favors as I am not being endorsed by any of them. Then I sell this list for $50 you can reach out to me again at


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