Let’s get the party started!!

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There’s one thing I love about the summer rolling around and that is the BBQ!!!

Now a while back I was neighbors with a Korean family and they would be BBQ’ing the most wonderful smelling teriyaki beef you could ever image. It was Korean traditional meat seasoned called Kalbi, and it was mouth watering and quite incredible. When I first became serious about my craft of being an Grill Master, I had to learn the recipe of this incredible beef so I went to their home, got on my two knees, and begged the wife to teach me the ways!!

Yes I akin that experience to going to a Buddhist temple and becoming an apprentice of sorts and learning the ropes of how to become the legendary kung fu master!!!


I was well on my way below are some of the ingredients that go into making this incredible beef dish. So delicious and savery!

  • Soy Sauce
  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Sesame Oil
  • Roasted Red Pepper Flakes
  • and Good Beef

This is one of the best dishes you’ll ever find as far as I’m concerned and I’m a die hard american sausage kinda guy. But those asians know what they are doing when it comes to cooking I tell ya!

So this coming weekend, there will be a big basket ball game so we’re going to have a cook out and everyone is invited. I’m inviting all of my family and friends and it’s going to be a blast. Some of my friends like to get pretty rowdy so we are preparing ourselves with everything we can to make this event a killer one. One in the memory books!

Ok so things to prepare for this event

  • 2 Kegs of Beer
  • Few Wines & Liquor Bottles as Decorations…JK!!!
  • Big TV outside
  • Big Stereo
  • Dance Floor
  • Big Tables
  • and LOTS of FOOD

I’m inviting lots of friend from all different backgrounds from business owners, entrepreneurs to people that work the 9 to 5. We all sometimes need a break in life and time to relax. I for one am very much looking forward to meeting one of my good friends that run a towing business in Troy, MI.


Troy Towing http://www.troytowing.org/

(248) 817-4969

He runs  a successful business there with 5 star google reviews because he really is just an outstanding guy that truly cares for the people and wants to do everything just right for them, as he is bit of a perfectionist. He is all about customer service, I remember one day I was driving down i75 and my car broke down with a flat tire and did not have the right tools to replace it, so of course I called him and he was there to save me in less than 15 min which is incredible because he has multiple drivers on the road at any given time and is all about providing the fastest towing service in Oakland County.

So if you ever need towing in Oakland County anywhere near Troy, make sure to give him a call you won’t be disappointed.

Now we are getting very hyped about this BBQ this weekend, and its going to be a blast. We will have close to 60 people at our house, having a blast watching the game and enjoying great conversations. I am very much looking forward to the outcome of the game and most of all enjoying great BBQ food as I will be making american stuff and KOREAN BBQ!!


Going out in Grand Rapids, Before the football season!


Once the football season starts we are either at the game tailgating or if its an away weekend, we are home all weekend gathered around with family watching the game. The point is it gets super busy to the point where we don’t have time anymore to go out and do other things like going out in Grand Rapids which is one of my all time favorite places to visit.

When you live in Ann Arbor you are quite a bit far from Grand Rapids, which is almost a good solid 2.5 hour drive, but why do we still go there few times a year? Well one thing is that there are few restaurants we absolutely love there and Grand Rapids is home to Michigan’s most selection of breweries. We love visiting these breweries because not only do you get to taste the freshest beers but they also serve amazing food.

Grand Rapids has the best Breweries, its a town of class & fun

Last weekend, we made it out to Grand Rapids, we figure September will be here before we know it and we want to get to those breweries at least once this summer because once Football games start, I will be totally busy doing the best tailgates in Ann Arbor.

We got to GR and decided to get a hotel and limo service for the night as it was me and my wife’s anniversary.

We wanted to simply go a night out town to the bars and not worry about driving afterwards. I always go with my limousine guy because I know the owner personally and I think he has the best limo rentals in Grand Rapids.

Because he has the amazing Audi Q7 limo which I love, and that’s exactly the the ride we got for me and my wife’s romantic evening or you could call it drunk evening. We are in our 50’s but we still like to have fun and party.

Young People Bars as well as bars for older age groups! They all have lively music

This was my second time out at the bars in Grand Rapids, and its definitely a good mix of people some young people bars and some older people, we go to both places as we like to let loose sometimes on the dance floor. We also went to a bar with live jazz band which was very nice. Me and my wife had a fantastic time going to bar after bar the limo driver was taking us to, as I told the manager I’ll leave it up to them to take us to the hot spots around town.

He made very awesome choices first taking us to bit more lively place and then finishing us off at the jazz place where it was calm and relaxing vibe that allowed for very romantic moments. The whole rental only cost $500 for the 5 hours we were out, and I will pay that in a heart beat when you weight how much fun you are going to have in the limo and the fact that you can drink worry free.

The driver talked to us about big concerts coming up in July so we may definitely come back again as it was one of the best nights of the year yet.

50 is the new 20

Just because you are past 50 doesn’t mean you can’t go out and mingle with young ones and have a blast. We were talking to several people at the bar and clubs and joking with them and having fun.

This type of experience is great and allows us to live much more fulfilling fun lives.

Going out and drinking is not for everybody, but it certainly helps us to let lose every once in a while. The key I believe is always in moderation.

I’ll tell you what, we were pretty hung over the next day but we laughed about it because it was still worth it.

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Summer Time is Around the Corner that means getting the grill back in the play

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Everyone we’ve finally made it, we’re almost in June and in Michigan it sure did feel like a long winter indeed. People are finally able to go outside in T-Shirt and shorts and enjoy the sunshine once again.Although it was pretty cold few weeks back and last week I was in Florida and it was still freezing there because of the Lake effect, back in Michigan it is starting to feel like summer again.

This means my grills are coming out of hibernation and into full time use. Getting prepared for the College Football season. Here at our home, we grill several times a week at the very least. We are very out door type of people that love to grill and eat outdoors on the deck.

That is how we spend quality time with our family and enjoy the delicious food, good company, and drinks. We are very much into the whole idea of good food and good company is all you really need to have a fantastic time with very little money.

We are not all that much about going to the fanciest restaurants or going to luxury cruises although we do go every now and then, we are more into spending good money on good food and having a blast grilling and doing bonfires backyard and inviting all the friends over.

Its those things in life that gets us excited. For example, when we have a pretty big BBQ event planned for the weekend, we are excited the whole week leading up to it, its in our nature to be hospitable and be the host for great parties and events where everyone just has a great time together.

In the month of June we already have 2 out door cookouts planned where we will host the whole neighborhood and our families together for a big grill out. We’ll have whole pigs and ducks getting roasted whole with our famous BBQ sauce that will bring all the nearby folks to our yard as the smoky, mouth watering odor fills the air.

My wife will also be making homemade ice cream from farm bought raw cow milk. This milk is not only healthy as she does not use any sugar, only raw honey so everything in this ice cream tastes delicious and 100% good for the body, its actually packed with nutrients.

And we will have our friends playing live jazz through out the night. As we do have 5 acre yard, there is plenty of room for everybody to gather and have a blast.

Limousine for your tailgate to make it really official & luxurious

One of my friend taught me this idea and it will truly make a big difference in your tailgates. Let’s say you are trying to throw the biggest and baddest tailgate at U of M game and everyone is in town trying to celebrate including your extended as heck family members that you hardly ever get to see and many friends of your family that’s all trying to get to Ann Arbor.

As Ann Arbor has got a rich history behind it and there is a lot to see here. We have been here for over 25 years and love this city like none other. It is home to the best college football team as far as I am concerned. Although we have been struggling the last few years, we will never relinquish our pride for this team and the school spirit is second to none. And school spirit means we have the best tailgates in college period. And who reigns among the top in this field? That’s right none other than myself and my crew of tailgate fanatics.

Over the years we’ve pretty much acquired everything there has to be acquired for tailgates:


I am quite fond of this particular portable grill that you can hook up to any truck. This has come very handy over the years and we use it often when the main grill is filled up. Which is pretty quick when your roasting pig and whole turkeys at the same time.

Another thing we love is beer bongs!



Pro Tip: If you are going to get beer bong, get one where you can do it in a group not solo.

To really step up your tailgating to the next level you have to get things other tailgate groups don’t have and so I search the internet to find the best and most unique of everything including beer bongs!!

And from our experience we will say that the group beer bong is a big hit, people love this and it really sets the whole atmosphere up and brings it up few notches, it is a great way for new people to break the ice and get to know each other quick!

As I was mentioning Ann Arbor is a great place filled with many sight seeing opportunities so many family members don’t mind spending the whole day viewing other places other than the drunk rowdy partying atmosphere of tailgating which is completely understandable.

Good thing about Ann Arbor is that this is easy to do, you just have to take few streets down from the Tailgating zone and you end up downtown with nice shopping stores and places to eat.

Over the years this has become sort of tradition that the older family members will be sightseeing around town while the food is getting ready and cooked at the tailgate.

Which works out beautifully

A city this great like Ann Arbor its easy peasy to entertain ALL age groups, that’s truly the beauty of U of M tailgating!!

Now next pro tip is next level stuff and its the big guns that make other parties look like child play compared to ours.

So you have all your extended family visiting you and it becomes a real pain in the butt to find parking spots on campus. Well instead of having everyone drive by themselves and getting agitated in the process trying to find a parking spot, why not rent a limousine for them and get them all to the tailgate in serious class and style, it will definitely put a big smile on their face and everyone will love you for it.

Now I used to rent a limo and have them take multiple trips to and fro from the big open parking spot which is 2 miles away from the tailgate. This way everyone can arrive on time and ready to go and feel like serious ballers while they are at it!

This became such a craze tradition especially when that limo is parked right next to your tailgate, you will have people coming over all day long to know what is up and taking pictures with it.

It became such a great asset to the tailgate that eventually I decided to buy my own limo.

A year ago I bought a cadillac limo from this limo builder in Michigan


Now this gives our family members all the more reasons to come to Ann Arbor for one of our crazy tailgate parties, they can experience a serene time in the limo and get chauffeured to the hot spots of Ann Arbor which creates a wonderful, beautiful memory for everyone.

till next time


All about having a great time enjoying sports with family & friends


Different people place different value to sports. Don’t get me wrong I am passionate about my Michigan sports teams and I can tell you just as well as any other sports fanatic every single players first and last name on the U of M team and where they were scouted from and what their current position and current condition is. I follow sports to great depth since I was 8 years old.

However now at the ripe ol’ age of 49, Sports takes on a additional layer of meaning to me and one that holds more importance and significance for my life. Sports events are opportunities to bond my family and create wonderful memories for friends and family, because after many years doing tailgates, I realize one thing, I do not remember most of the plays, touch down and numerous great tackles I’ve seen but what comes to mind most prominently is all the laughter and smiles we get to have during the tailgates and during the game with the family and friends.

I have always been passionate about collecting the baddest equipment for outdoor BBQ and always had the best setup anyone’s seen in most tailgates I’ve attended, till eventually my whole family recognized my talent for BBQ and unofficially ordained me as the expert and the go to host for all these events, my popularity grew to the point that my neighbors and friends in the hometown decided to join us instead of trying to get their own equipment.

Of course I have several families help out by bringing their grill which they all connect to our giant trailer home, complete with giant 50″ display I have to say, it is quite the spectacular setup.

This is my passion and it is almost my spiritual ritual every Saturday, gathering the feast and drinks to brighten up people’s week. What warms my heart is when people walk up to me and tell me that the week went by so slow because they could hardly wait to be at my tailgate.

So follow my blog post and learn from my expertise in an area where I feel pretty darn confident in. How to become the baddest hard core tail gate host in the whole parking lot!